The Woodlake Swimming Club is a private community swimming pool for members and their guests. The club is located in the Woodlake neighborhood of North Sacramento and provides a refreshing community environment for all members! The club is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Sponsors/referrals from other Woodlake Swim Club members are needed and ALL memberships must be approved by the Board of Directors.


2024 Annual Membership Dues

  • $100. One time New Member Application Fee
  • $490. FAMILY – Annual Membership Dues – Must be living in same household under 25 years of age
  • $50 – Over 25years of age living in same household additional $50
  • $375. COUPLE OR FAMILY OF 2 – Annual Membership Dues – Must be living in same household
  • $260. SINGLE – Annual Membership Dues
  • $50. per caregiver (or grandparents) supervising your children at the pool
  • $5. fee for key
  • Individual guest fee $4. per visit with signed waiver
  • See Party Party Policy and Guest Waivers above – MUST HAVE APPROVAL BY BOARD.

Email information to:


If you would like to make a donation to the Woodlake Swim Club please click on the following link. This link is for donations only!