Welcome to the Historic Woodlake Swim Club!

 Crystal Clear, Cold and Incredible!

Thank you for a great summer! No lifeguards on Duty til next year!

New Guest Policy

NO guests are permitted at the swim club until and unless lifeguards are present. (Mandated by Insurance) Violating this rule could jeopardize the Swim Club’s insurance, so we expect to be strict in enforcing this rule and harsh in punishing violations, including potentially terminating memberships for repeat or intentional violations.

  • This pool is  95 YEARS OLD – Pipes are old and only flush toilet paper down toilets!!!! NO WIPES, PAPER TOWELS, FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS, etc…
  • If you are the last person to leave the swim club, please replace the locks on the bathrooms and lock them.  And please lock the deadbolt on the gate.
  • No glass containers please
  • Leave No Trace!
  • Take all items with you!
  • Return toys and inner tubes to stands near diving boards!
  • Put chairs & loungers back in place!
  • Wipe your tables!
  • Put games back (ping pong/connect 4)
  • Clean out popcorn machine if used!

Membership Rules and Bylaws! Every member is responsible for knowing and understanding the pool rules and bylaws. These have been approved by the membership. Please review with your family and friends in attendance. Visit Rules and Documents for complete information!

Reminder: Pool Rules Regarding Member Children at the Club

  • With a lot of relatively new members we’ve gotten questions about the rules regarding unaccompanied children at the club. The following rules apply with regards to member children at the club.
  • *** WHEN A LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY, Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a member aged 16 or older for admittance to grounds. The over-16-year old must be present and supervise their pool usage. Children 13 and over may come to the pool without an adult accompanying them. [Note: This rule was updated this year by the Board and it is now the same as the city pool rule.]
  • *** WHEN NO LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY no persons under the age of 18 are allowed without an adult member.  Violation of this rule will result in immediate disciplinary action including possible revocation of membership.

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